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SEO Blog

The SEO in 20xx trilogy might just bear more resemblance to science-fiction though this is based in science-fact! A legend about SEO in the past, an overview of SEO in 2018 and a fantasy describing the future of SEO.

I shall tackle this topic from a historical, theoretical and visionary perspective, as well as a practical standpoint, and there is a list of tasks for optimization at the end.

Before we check how this SEO “science” and profession has evolved, let’s return for a moment to the SEO definition we wrote a few years back – “control and improvement of ranking criteria which are collectively analysed by the search algorithm, and lead to a better positioning on results pages”.

An advertorial combines an editorial with advertising: a well written, interesting and attractive paid article, comprising useful advice, the purpose of which is to advertise a product, service or brand, to generate traffic and enhance/maintain the positions of one’s website in organic searches.

It is a good alternative of advertisements such as commercials or banners since it informs, is useful and less obtrusive. This type of advertising is considered one of the most efficient ways of promotion and is part of a website’s link building process.

On page optimization guide

January 1, 2018

This guide outlines a to-do list designed to emphasize relevancy signals that are picked up by search engines. Stay within best practices and use it with creativity, but never trade value for better search rankings, never try to deceive users or search engines – in the long run – your efforts will make it worth your while, as long as you are using your judgment and know when to break the SEO golden rules described below.

Learn how to optimize correctly all internal page elements:
  • URL adresses;
  • Page titles and headings;
  • Meta descriptions and content;
  • Images and internal links.

  • Do you want more online sales to promote your brand and see your website on top positions in Google?

    An SEO specialist can help you. He is the one who knows how to carry out a successful website, how to operate with search engines and potential customers.

    Knowing how flooded is the Internet with information about web optimization , with tempting offers about online promotion (some true, some no), we decided to help you understand who is, in fact, an SEO expert, why you need him and how you know if he is professional or not.

    Once they understood what SEO is and what SEO stands for, those who own websites raised a consequent question: can we get good rankings with no optimization effort?

    Why we need an SEO expert to promote our sites, if we already have some excellent content?
    I tried to explain below, in some simple examples, why optimized websites rank well in search engine results and why SEO white hat is useful when promoting websites.

    SEO for beginners - tips, tricks, simple, useful and practical advice about search engine optimization

    I am an SEO beginner, but had a handful of jobs until now, some of which in very different domains. I was always looking for something – probably getting ready for a date with search engines :-)
    I know from my own experience it’s not easy being an SEO beginner and there are a lot of problems you will encounter on your journey to become an expert. In order to be good at SEO, you have to start with:
    – examining what SEO is
    – understanding how search engines work: Google, Bing, Yandex etc.
    – finding your way in all this new information, assemble and apply it in practice…

    What is search engine optimization?

    First of all, I would like to confess – this is the first article published on the SEOlium blog, and the first article about SEO so far. So, you should be aware we realize the fact that we carry a great responsibility, have faith in us and… Wish us luck!


    The subject I selected is the result of a brainstorming where the winning idea is the obvious one. Yes, you’re perfectly right – I will talk about what SEO is and what it means for online businesses. I will not refer to how the SEO principles are applied in practice or what the advantages and disadvantages of online marketing are. Since it is a relatively complex notion – I will only refer to what the title speaks about…