Professions That Are Persevering Amid The Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of businesses worldwide had to close and ended up going into bankruptcy in a couple of months. Sectors like travel, restaurants, and hospitality were a few of the most impacted. But others grew because of the pandemic, and the professionals in those were safe from the economic crisis that followed. Here are the professions resilient to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer system analysts are essential in any company nowadays. They are in charge of meeting businesses’ computer needs. They analyze how a company will leverage technology to decide what system will be best for them. They also have to keep an eye on the whole computer network to determine when it needs an upgrade and how it will be done. It is no wonder these professionals were in high demand during the Covid-19 pandemic when even the industries that didn’t use too much technology had to change quickly. Using different technologies was the only way to keep operating last year, and computer analysts help companies do the transition smoothly. Besides their knowledge of computer science, they also have to have business skills. Part of their responsibilities is to prepare a cost analysis of things like upgrading the computer system or scaling up. To become a computer systems analyst, you must pursue a degree in information sciences. Another option is to get a degree in computer science and then a master’s in business administration.

IT Support

Because of the pandemic, the world made a massive transition into the digital world. Companies sent their workers to work from home, educational institutions turned to online learning, and people, in general, turned to the Internet for simple things like grocery shopping and entertainment. All these added up, increasing the users of tech around the world. Even people that didn’t like to use computers or other devices before had to get used to the new reality. Overall, it meant many people worldwide needed IT support during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many companies online or otherwise had to hire IT support specialists like never before to solve the problems of all their customers. In some cases, new branches of this career were created. For example, Zoom support specialists and Zoom moderators became new career paths. To become one, you can follow a degree in a computer science field. But many positions don’t require a degree. You could do a short coding bootcamp on computer science basics or software development and find an entry-level IT support position. To learn more about coding bootcamps, visit Bootcamp Rankings.

Healthcare Professionals

In a global pandemic that has caused many countries to enter a healthcare crisis, it is no wonder professionals in this field were in high demand. The industry needed all professionals, from doctors, nurses, and physicians to hospital administrative positions and even cleaning crews. They were and continue to be in the front line fighting the virus and working tirelessly every day. However, the healthcare industry isn’t for everyone. But if you were already considering a healthcare career, this is the push you needed. Healthcare professionals will always be in high demand even when the pandemic is over. The only downside is that it generally leads to many years of study and expensive tuition. But if you really want it, the result will be worth it.

Teaching and Tutoring

Another thing that changed a lot during the pandemic was the transition to online learning. Thousands of institutions around the world had to rely on digital learning platforms to continue operating. But the learning experience isn’t the same even when technology has advanced to the point where online learning platforms can offer great experiences. Many students can’t adapt to the new learning methods, especially when they are younger. Thus, parents turned to personal tutoring in many cases to create a more personalized education for their kids. The same thing occurred for some adults who didn’t want to continue with the online method. Clients searched for teachers in many topics like second languages, maths, art, or even fitness. Overall, teachers and tutors became professionals in high demand during the pandemic.

In Summary

Many sectors suffered during the pandemic, but others had an increase in demand like never before. Professionals like computer system analysts, IT support specialists, healthcare professionals, and teachers & tutors were resilient to the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can choose any of these careers if you don’t want to lose your job if another similar crisis happens.