No Such Thing As a Free Google Rank Tracker
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Free Google Rank Tracker?
Are you looking for a free Google SERP checker but all you’re getting are disappointments? We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but there are no absolute freebies in the rank trackers space.

Most Google SERP/rank trackers come with free trials followed by monthly subscriptions; some offer a “free” lifetime package, which is extremely limited in terms of how many keywords you can track and functionality; and then there are those with relatively cheap annual licenses, which claim to offer unlimited rank tracking services for free, but there are hidden catches.

The bottom line is no Google rank tracker is completely free, and we’ll explain why this is so in a bit.

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Home Blog Reasons why a free Google Rank Tracker doesn’t exist
Two types of Google rank trackers
There are tens of rank trackers on the market today but all fall under two main categories:
  • Cloud-based apps
  • Desktop apps

The former are a lot more popular despite being supposedly “costlier” than their desktop counterparts. All you need is to sign up, log in online, and use the tool inside your browser. No download/install/configuring/fine-tuning required. Use them from anywhere in the world, on any device, including smartphones or tablets.

Desktop/Installed rank trackers are not as common, but some SEOs swear by them due to their seemingly cheaper pricing. Some are labeled ‘free’ to make them even more appealing. So, why do we still question it and what’s the catch? We delve into further details below.
Reasons “free” rank trackers are not 100% free
It’s often said that cheap is expensive, and this applies perfectly to Google rank trackers and SEO tools in general. When a service promotes its desktop rank tracker as free, the following are the fine prints they don’t shout about.

You need a powerful (and ideally dedicated) computer

Keyword rank tracking is a resource-intensive process. In a nutshell, a desktop application tries to emulate human behavior on Google by sending queries like a real person would do when searching for something on the web. Once Google returns the results, it stores all assets on that page on the hard drive for later use.

For this process to run smoothly and uninterrupted, you need a sophisticated computer packed with enormous RAM and best-in-class processor. You might also have to let it run 24/7, especially if you have a lot of keywords to track. Which brings us to the next point!
Prepare for increased power and internet bills

A study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory showed that a typical high-performance computer (like those used for gaming) consumes up to three times the power used by a standard refrigerator. Put into perspective, if you were to let the machine run 24/7, it could easily gobble up to 6,000 kilowatt-hours a year, or around $1000 a year.

Couple this with the cost of Internet, especially if you’re on a metered plan, and you’ll see why running a non-stop rank tracker on a dedicated desktop computer may not be a cheap affair after all!
Google will soon block your IP for multiple requests

Generally speaking, Google hates keyword tracking tools and it’s easy to see why. These apps use server resources without contributing to the company’s revenue flow as they don’t click on ads. If Google detects that you’re using such a tool to scrape its search results, your IP could be blocked temporarily or banned for good. If you’re lucky, you’ll be asked to only complete CAPTCHA tests, but these too are sure to slow down the process or cause potential problems with tracking continuity.
You need proxies

Another expense that can add up quite quickly if you’re doing keyword tracking at a large scale or want to speed up the process. Proxies work by using a rotating list of IP addresses, making it appear as if queries originate from computers spread across multiple locations.

Even then, Google can still outsmart you if the process looks unnatural or counteracts the human emulation. To resolve this issue, you need to add even more IP addresses or slow down the speed at which queries are being sent. Both strategies will prove costly in the end.
Inaccurate ranking results, especially true for local rank trackers

Google relies heavily on IP and the geographical location from which a search query is coming from when ranking keywords. Most “free” desktop rank trackers are not capable of tracking rankings from different regions and localities especially for keywords with local intents. Using them will, therefore, give you inaccurate ranking results and possibly derail your local SEO efforts.
Back-Ups & tracking consistency/continuity

Remember you’re using a dedicated machine to do the job? Well, what happens when it breaks? Aside from the extra costs associated with repairing/replacing it – you’ll also have a gap in rank tracking history. And what happens if the hard drive, which stores all your projects/history, simply dies? That’s the worst-case scenario – you may potentially lose years of SEO work for good.
The only Rank Tracker with a non-expiring trial
SEOlium is a cloud-based Google rank tracker that won’t require you to upgrade your computer or spend more on electricity and Internet. You can track hundreds of keyword rankings in minutes and not worry about your PC blowing up or experiencing annoying lags.

And that’s not even the best part! We take care of IPs and other related issues so you don’t have to. The tool allows you to track as many keywords in a go as you wish while you can localize or go as wide as you’d like.

Does this sound interesting? Good, because that’s not all! Our free trial doesn’t last one month only. It expires after we’ve performed 5000 Google checks on your behalf! Depending on your needs (ex: 50 keywords, tracked monthly) – it may last for years!
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