The Most Searched English Language Words (on Google)
Study: World’s Most “Googled” English Words
Despite appearances, a job at SEOlium does not necessarily mean we spend the entire day studying SEO, creating digital marketing strategies, performing A/B tests, or staying glued to clients’ websites all day. Sure, we do those things too, but we also like to play darts, share knowledge, or simply do… something crazy. And this is precisely how we got the idea to launch a Google Search “popularity” contest across all the [370099] words we could find in the English Dictionary.
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Results first. Disclamer second. Enjoy third.

Play around. Search words like “sex”, “house”, “business”, “tree”, or “bee”.

Methodology and Disclamer
  1. Some English words (such as Amazon, windows, booking) also represent popular brand names, which is why the number of monthly searches is heavily affected. To fix this issue we had to manually add a variety of other non-dictionary-words brand names. Now, the top of the list is mostly populated by big company names.
  2. The number of searches represents Google’s aggregation of global searches across all common variations and misspellings for each word in the list. The data is an estimated average based on the usage in the previous months and is publicly available via their Keyword Planner Tool.
  3. To streamline our work (and to avoid manual labor) we turned to our brilliant developer for help, and it’s how a tool called Google Rank Tracker was born (link not active yet). This software is capable of processing over 370k words in the blink of an eye.