Top Digital Marketing Agencies in USA by Domain Authority
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Top American Digital Marketing Agencies & Consultants by Moz DA
Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to ano... ;)

Those who follow our blog know we decided to publish a list of all the digital marketing agencies and experts in America. We needed to spice up the data, which is why we published this article ordering them by Ahrefs' Domain Rating first.

Today we're releasing the same list, only this time we're showing Domain Authority (Moz DA), as it's probably the most popular domain-level SEO metric around the globe. We'd like to thank the Moz team for allowing us to use their API to scrape the numbers.

Let's not forget all of this was possible thanks to our beautiful Google rank tracker!

Next on our blog's todo list is an article comparing Moz's Domain Authority vs Ahrefs' Domain Rating on 13,105 domains. Stay tuned!
Home Blog All the SEO agencies & experts in United States, ordered by Domain Authority (Moz DA)
Without further ado 🥁 🥁 🥁 The List

Note: If you are an SEO agency and see your nofollow backlink here - contact us at

Methodology and Disclamer
For the record, let me quickly describe the steps we took to get to this data. You'll see why we may have missed a few agencies or why the list may still contain a few intruders. Also, if you do spot inadequacies - please take the time to inform us.

Firstly, we needed a list of all the U.S. digital marketing agencies. We took a bold assumption that SEO agencies need to:

  1. Have a website (Right?!)
  2. Rank in Google Search (anywhere in the first 100 organic results/local results) for at least one of these terms in at least one of the 42K U.S. zip-codes:
    • SEO agency
    • Digital marketing agency
    • SEO company
    • PPC agency
    • SEO services
    • SEO consultant
    • SEO expert
    • Google Ads agency
  3. Have at least one of these terms in their homepage's <title> tag: SEO, Marketing, PPC, Ads, AdWords, Digital, SEM, Link-Building.
And so our Google Rank Tracker performed 341,000 searches (42K+ zip-codes x 8 search terms) and we ended up with 35 million search results belonging to 25,000 unique domains. Now we just had to filter them :) For that, we used Screaming Frog's Custom Search feature which helped us filter domains that had relevant keywords on their homepage's title tag.

Initially, we had around 13,200 websites left, but we still had to manually filter major SEO tools like Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Raven, and others. Same goes for major SEO portals like SearchEngineJournal, SERoundTable, SearchEngineWatch, etc. Eventually, we were left with 13,105 SEO agencies.

Apologies to those agencies that blocked ScreamingFrog/Romanian IPs. We rotated a few User-Agents/HTTP headers. We also tried their JavaScript + Ajax rendering engine (real browser), but still, a few websites weren't crawlable. Oh well...

Alas, we needed Moz's Domain Authority to make the data even more interesting. This step was simple; We simply used ScreamingFrog in List mode to get the DA.