SEO Tools

The search engine optimization toolkit will enable you to make more informed business decisions, thus making your promotion efforts pragmatic and efficient. You can compare your “magic numbers” with those of your competitors’ and see exactly where your stand. Never again play this game by coincidence!

Online PageRank checker

Use it to find out the PageRank of multiple URLs simultaneously. Although not a direct SEO factor – knowing what Google thinks of your pages can be beneficial. Penalties can also be indicated by a low PageRank. High value websites can be filtered out of the bunch of “potential partners”. Really – go as far as your imagination takes you!

Online HTTP status checker

You know how numbers don’t lie? Well… It’s true :) And this tool will show you the truth. Is your website healthy? Is there something wrong and you should fix or think about? Knowing the HTTP server response codes for all your pages is priceless when you care about user-friendliness.

Social shares counter

You should always track how many social mentions piled up. Knowing the number of Facebook shares, likes or comments, how many tweets or +1s, pins or linkedIns is a must have if you want to track your success both on social networks, but also SEO wise.

Website speed test tool

Use the website speed test tool to check your website performance, apply site optimization issues, make your site faster, easier and more useful for the visitors.