Speed Analyzer

What is a Website Speed test?

Website speed test is a tool for multiple URLs that can help you to test website load time, optimize site performance, increase pagerank and save visitors time. The faster your site is, the more successful your business will be!

Why to use Speed Test tool?

Use our free site load test for entire website or for the specific pages to:

  • Analyze your website performance.
  • Find the problems that decrease your pagerank.
  • Fix the website load time issues.
  • Enjoy website performance tips.
  • Make your website more friendly and easier to use.

Also, you can optimize your website using others SEO website tools.

How it works?

Our Website Speed Test is created to help you to detect the pagerank loading drags and give you the appropriate advices for the website optimization. The load test process is quite simple:

  1. Choose the mobile or the desktop version, a domain, specific pages or just a summary.
  2. Follow the internal issues (caused by your server) and the external issues (caused by external servers).
  3. Check and apply the tips.
  4. Optimize website speed.

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