Will you ever switch to a Mac?

Will you ever switch to a Mac? - answered by Matt Cutts

Matt's answer:

CUTTS: We have a question from Barry Schwartz that I wanted to get to. He’s writing from New York. And he says, “Will you ever switch to a Mac? We’ll see, Barry. Right now, I love Google Chrome, and Google Chrome keeps me tied to Windows. But, if Google Chrome is available for a Mac or for a Linux, I could definitely see myself trying a different operating system. In fact, I’d like to try different operating system for at least a month some time in this calendar year. It’s not like I made a New Year’s Resolution about it or anything, but I think it would be good to try a few different things. So right now I do have a hand-me-down Mac that my wife used to use, so it’s always a possibility. I’m not planning on switching right now, but who knows exactly what the future might hold.

by Matt Cutts - Google's Head of Search Quality Team


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