Why aren’t the Google Toolbar PageRank values updated more often?

Why aren’t the Google Toolbar PageRank values updated more often? - answered by Matt Cutts

Matt's answer:

Today’s question comes from Rajeesh. From last few months there are no PR, that’s page rank, updates from Google. Is Google removing the page rank feature to avoid Link Trade that is very popular currently in the industry? Please guide us through the next Google’s move regarding page rank in the future. So just to give you a little bit of context about page rank. We are always recomputing it, using a bank of machines. At any given time, we could take those page ranks and we could export them as a snapshot and then start to show them in the Google toolbar. To help avoid people getting a little obsessed or really worrying about OK, what exactly is the page rank of my page and hitting reload five times a day. What we’ll do is roughly three or four times a year, we will export new page ranks to the Google toolbar. So within Google they are real floats or scalers. By the time they get to the toolbar, they’re scaled between say, zero or empty all the way up to ten, so if you have a lot of page rank. In general, that’s the way that we keep people from trying to obsess too much is we only export new page ranks every three or four months. Now we pay a lot of attention to whenever we compute page ranks internally to make sure that that is accurate according to our best assessment. But we tend not to worry as much about the export to the Google toolbar. So it’s almost as if that is a cron, or an automated job that happens every few months. And people don’t pay quite as much attention to that. We do have a few checks in place. So if a very high page rank domain suddenly drops down to a very low page rank. Or if something looks really strange or quirky about the data then that will trigger some checks so that people will do a little more investigation. But for the most part, we tend to worry about our own internal versions of page rank. And the stuff that does the export we tend not to pay quite as much attention to. So that’s just a little bit of context about why page rank updates sometimes take a while. And in general, my advice is not to obsess about page rank, but to think about not just links, but all the content of your site. How good is it for users? Think about everything from return on investment, conversion rate, to speed. There’s a lot of different stuff that you can pay attention to besides just that green indicator in the Google toolbar.

by Matt Cutts - Google's Head of Search Quality Team


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