Can I have reciprocal links with press mentions of my site?
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Link to press mentions of my web site

Link to press mentions of my web site - answered by Matt Cutts


It is absolutely normal to have a list with press mentions of your web page but if you link to someone who linked to you that would be considered reciprocal link. So that shouldn’t be overdone, you don’t have to link to every place where you were mentioned in. It’s not a good user experience.


Matt's answer:

By definition if somebody links to you and then you link to them, that’s a reciprocal link. Personally, and this is just a general advice, you know, if you link to every single time that somebody is linking to you then it’s almost like you’re tooting your horn. You know, sometimes it’s nice to find people just talking about your site and have you not show up and sort of shoehorn in on the conversation or point people to it.


It makes perfect sense to have a list of press mentions

Probably every single place that you’ve ever been mentioned to anywhere in the press, if a user landed on that page, they may not find as quite as useful. So, I would probably highlight just the few places that you are really proud of. And that’s the sort of thing where the user can get a sense of what the press coverage is but if it’s not, take a look at every single time my domain has ever been mentioned anywhere on the web, and that’s probably going to work better for users too.

by Matt Cutts - Google's Head of Search Quality Team


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