Can using AdWords help you with SEO and organic rankings?
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Does AdWords help with search rankings?

Does AdWords help with search rankings? - answered by Matt Cutts


Buying AdWords will definitely not help you achieve better search rankings. Not directly at least. But having great content that naturally attracts backlinks and then promoting it via AdWords (or other channels) might indirectly help :-)


Matt's answer:

If I buy AdWords, will that cause my algorithmic search rankings to rise?




No benefits in organic rankings if you buy AdWords


There’s no boost. There’s nothing going on in the algorithm there, where if you buy AdWords you will rank higher in Google’s organic search results. So don’t count on that. Instead, try to make compelling, great content – the sort of thing that attracts links because it’s really excellent. Don’t count on buying AdWords to cause your organic rankings to go up.

by Matt Cutts - Google's Head of Search Quality Team


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