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Matt Cutts demonstrates a few features of the “Search Options” panel in Google search

Matt Cutts demonstrates a few features of the “Search Options” panel in Google search - answered by Matt Cutts

Matt's answer:

CUTTS: Hi there. I wanted to give you some interesting search tips. Not everybody knows about a new show options link that we added, and that lets you do a lot of powerful stuff. So let’s take an example. Suppose I’m searching for something that’s got a news event, something that’s going on that’s really recent. Let’s do a search for Barack Obama. And right above the news in the web search results, you can see show options. If you click on show options, then you get a whole new thing on the left-hand side that will show you all kinds of ways that you can slice and dice your search results. For example, if you wanted to, you could click on videos. And that would show you only web results that had videos of Barack Obama. But what I’m interested in is the time-based stuff. For example, if I click on recent results, we will show you only things about Barack Obama that have happened very, very recently. So here’s one from one hour ago. Here’s the result from just 21 minutes ago. Here’s another result from 18 minutes ago. So you can very quickly find out what’s really going on in the very recent past. And you can slice and dice by different amounts of time so you can click on past 24 hours to find out things that have happened in the last day, past week, past year. It’s just very, very handy. And in fact, you can even sort by dates so you can say, “Okay, within the last 24 hours,” sort by date. And you can see here’s an article from three minutes ago. Here’s another one from five minutes ago, five minutes, six minutes, seven minutes. So you can really get incredibly fresh results.

by Matt Cutts - Google's Head of Search Quality Team


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