How can I send feedback to Google?

How can I send feedback to Google? - answered by Matt Cutts

Matt's answer:

Adeel in Manchester has an interesting question. Adeel asks, “Google recently has started replacing titles in search engine result page snippets, which seems fine. But now our,, et cetera, are titled to New Zealand. The page titles do not mention New Zealand at all. How can we report for someone at Google to have a look at this?” Great question. And I picked it because it’s not just a question for you. It’s a question for anybody who has an issue like this. If you go to, there’s a link to our Webmaster Forums. And if you go to Webmaster Forums, this is not something that’s embarrassing, and it’s not something that spam related. So hopefully, you feel perfectly fine to just say you know what? Let me just tell the people at Google about this. And then not only do Google employees, but a lot of bionic posters, sort of superuser people, keep an eye on that forum. And so they can take those sort of situations and pass them on and get them escalated. So we have recently been experimenting with doing more replacements of titles if we think that they’re more useful for users. But if the algorithm is getting something wrong, the Google Webmaster Forum is a fantastic place to give the feedback on that, and let us know if there’s something that we should be doing better. So if you see those kinds of questions, where it’s not necessarily embarrassing, it’s not necessarily spam related, but you see something that’s related to webmasters, and it looks like a glitch, or an error, or an algorithmic bug, or something strange with our user interface, that’s a perfect opportunity to stop by the forum and let people know about it there.

by Matt Cutts - Google's Head of Search Quality Team


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