Which Chrome extensions are popular at Google?

Which Chrome extensions are popular at Google? - answered by Matt Cutts

Matt's answer:

Today’s question is from Rogem in the United Kingdom. Rogem asks, “What extensions for Chrome are popular around the Google offices?” Oh my goodness, this is such a good question! I feel bad because I have just installed a new version of Ubuntu and I completely reinstalled and I wiped away all my Chrome extensions. Otherwise, I’d give you this big, long list. So, I’ll just name like a few off the top of my head and then I’ll give you a tip to find some good Chrome extensions yourself. Probably the very first Chrome extension I always install is the Goo.gl URL Shortener. And so, if you search for Chrome URL Shortnener, it’s like the number one result. It looks like a little kind of, you tighten like this and it, it compresses things. So, it’s wonderful. It just takes the URL, it’ll shorten it with Goo.gl, and then it’ll load that up into Twitter, if you want, and then you can just tweet about anything that you want. I use it all the time. It’s how I shorten URLs because I like to use Goo.gl. Another great extension–and disclaimer–it was written by an engineer on my team by Tiffany Lane; is Favorite Doodle. And Favorite Doodle, essentially, lets you pick your favorite Google Doodle. So, instead of having just the regular Google picture, you could have a Mondrian Google, or the Google with lasers–whichever Google, the brail Google; everybody’s got a favorite Google logo. And the nice thing is its smart enough to say, “If there’s a holiday logo, show the holiday logo.” But if it’s just the sort of bland, vanilla, normal, everyday Google logo, use your favorite Google doodle instead. So there are a lot of other great extensions. There’s one called Google Similar Pages, which is kind of like the “related” link on Google, but as you’re surfing around the Web, suppose you’re interested in bikes, you land on trek, you might click on this and it will show you other bike manufacturers or other pages that are really handy like forums about bikes and things like that. So, the tip that I’ll give you is just recently, the Chrome Extension Gallery–which you can find if you search for it on Google– introduced six different topics. So, web development, blogging, shopping, sports, fun and by Google. And these are fantastic because under web development, you might find the speed tracer extension, which will show you exactly what’s slowing down a particular webpage whenever you try to load it. There’s all sorts of great stuff, like Aviary Screen Capture will let you take a screen shot of whatever you see in your browser. It’s a lot of fun. I’m probably gonna end up with another eight or nine extensions, even though I only reinstalled a day or two ago. But, there’s a lot of fantastic stuff. I highly encourage you to check out, do Chrome Extension Gallery and you just find all sorts of great stuff from Google voice plug-ins to shopping stuff to puppies and kittens. Like, your, there are bookmarks and bookmarklets that will sort of say, “Oh, take every picture on the page and turn it into kittens.” So, there’s a whole lot of great stuff out there. I encourage you to explore it.

by Matt Cutts - Google's Head of Search Quality Team


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