Learn SEO! About search engine optimization

The SEOlium search engine optimization knowledge center is designed to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced SEO analysts. We either present official information from the most popular search engines (Google and Bing) or our own insights, based on advanced studies and analyses, common sense, experience in the field and intuition. However – one should trust nobody. You should always trust your gut and experiment, instead of relying on information that can’t be proved.

SEO tutorials by Matt Cutts – official lessons from Google

Google’s Head of Webspam team, Matt Cutts, periodically records Youtube videos on various SEO topics. There are now over 500 such videos and for each of them we extracted a short summary with the most important ideas, but also show you the whole transcript along with the original video.

SEO blog – articles and analyses

The SEOlium blog contains articles that reflect our own SEO expertise. We present the results of experiments, analyses and studies that will help you conduct the search engine optimization process in a scientific and pragmatic manner. We believe that SEO is both science and art and the blog is meant to deal with each advanced aspect of this industry.