SEO specialist – who is he, actually?
Why do you need his help?
Do you wish to sell and promote your brand and see your website rank among the first on Google? A true specialist in the field of web optimization is one who knows how a successful website should look like and how both search engines and potential customers think.
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What does a website optimization specialist do?
Knowing just how invaded the Internet is with information on SEO, with tempting online brand promotion offers (some valuable, others not so much), we have decided to help you understand what an SEO expert actually does, why you would need them and how to determine whether that expert is professional or not.

Which are the basic responsibilities?
Whether he or she is a freelancer or represents an SEO company, an optimization specialist is able to understand the following:

  • He knows how to conduct a comprehensive website analysis and detect its technical and functional errors
  • He helps you eradicate problems on the website, applying concrete promotion strategies.
  • He implements internal and external optimization techniques, starting with keyword analysis and ending with the administration of Facebook, Twitter and other profiles.
  • He uses an efficient toolkit and adequately interprets the data on the performance of your website.
  • He understands very well the target audience, the customers’ needs and the purpose of your business, being thus able to create a relevant content for the website pages.
  • He has a designer’s eye, knowing how to structure and render an attractive, well-defined and harmonious form for any piece of information.
  • He helps you adopt a natural look in news or blog articles that are relevant to your business, creating a highly productive network of links around your website.
  • He is experienced in online advertising campaigns and in creating appropriate advertisements in AdWords or Bing Ads, which may bring immediate results.
  • He has excellent communication skills, a transparent work procedure and keep you posted on any news regarding your website.
  • He only uses SEO legal techniques, avoiding unruly and suspicious promotion methods, etc.

When do you need the web expert’s help?
Have you ever wondered whether you can take care by yourself of your own website? Obviously! You create a valuable website, provide people with useful information, invest resources and all of your time in managing it. The crucial question is, however, how many available resources do you have and are you able to spend all your time managing a website, conducting a continuous study and monitoring the competitors? An SEO expert is the professional who knows everything about the operation of a website, their basic task being to help you to sell better by applying all the possible legitimate strategies and techniques. If you feel that you are doing everything that you have to, but the website still does not appear on the first search page, that means there is work to do and you should resort to their advice, since, just as in the case of a cold, you will make a choice – see a physician or treat yourself. The choice is yours.
How can you tell that you are dealing with a professional?
However, if you decided to resort to the services of an agency, find out how you can determine the readiness of the person you are about to hire, analyzing a number of extremely important details. Prior to commencing a collaboration, ask:

  • What experience does he have in optimization work?
  • Our advice would be to pay great attention to this answer. If their experience is less than 4-5 years, they probably did not manage to follow up very well on the functionality of their own promotion campaign, which often requires a lot of time in order to render valid results.
  • What strategies does he intend to apply in order to optimize your website?
  • Any recommendation received from a specialist has to be argued and rely on a complete website analysis. Otherwise, all of them are unsupported theories.
  • Can they guarantee results?
  • The truth is they cannot. A good specialist knows that they cannot promise results over night, but can explain all the steps of the optimization process and the effects of strategies implemented with other customers.
  • How will the collaboration process take place?
  • The number of received emails, the notification of each change or piece of news about your website, the weekly or monthly reporting of results, availability and open communication – all these actions are part of an SEO specialist’s responsibilities and are very important for an efficient collaboration.

In spite of all the statistics and existing optimization models, you are the master of your website and the leader of the business – therefore, you decide what is better for its progress across search engines. If your website has become more than a passion, but also a source of income, has grown in volume and complexity, we advise that you move to the next level, reduce amateurish actions and listen to the recommendations of an SEO specialist. You should know that you might find out interesting things you were not even thinking about and original solutions to improve results. Best of luck and dare to be stronger than your competitors. We believe in the fact that everything in life is about SEO, except SEO. SEO is about power!
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