Can you give an update on the state of the UK SERPs?

Can you give an update on the state of the UK SERPs? - answered by Matt Cutts

Matt's answer:

CUTTS: Shane Jones in Manchester asks “You have probably had this question 10 times before but what’s the deal with the state of the UK SERPS? There is still huge buzz around international results outranking country specific searches.” So that’s something were somebody asked in the previous round of videos and I did a quick answer and then I did a blog post to talk about it more. People left a lot of comments were they said “Look here’s a ‘’ or ‘’ ranking in the UK for a particular search.” And what we’ve done is, we have a team who pays attention to what’s their appropriate country, what’s the appropriate language, they were looking through each individual report on that website. And in fact, as people send me examples, I often pass those on. Someone on Twitter was talking about ADSL plans, and then they go and they look at those. And they say “Okay, well it turns out ADSL is, you know, a slightly different terminology than a lot of people use in this countries and things like that.” So please don’t take it as we’re like ignoring that feedback. We are taking that feedback. A lot of different people have iterated in multiple different ways to try to say “Okay, how can we make the UK search results even more appropriate?” At the same time, I don’t think that you always want every UK search to return only UK stuff. You would want to return .coms that are relevant to the UK. You want to return a lot of different countries if they are useful. And people can reasonably disagree about just how useful a particular site or a particular domain name is. But please don’t take it as if we don’t hear that. We continue to look at that feedback. We continue to hear about it on Twitter. And when we do get good actionable reports, we look into. Was there a glitch? Was there a bug? Is there something we need to do differently? And I know that the team appreciates the feedback that they’ve been getting. So I wouldn’t take it as a closed case. They’re going to continue to iterate. Definitely please continue to hit us up with feedback if you see bad searches and we’ll try to make the searches even better.

by Matt Cutts - Google's Head of Search Quality Team


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